Services A-Z (281)


3rd Party Maintenance Notification

3rd Party Maintenance Notification (Prod)


Access & Accounts

Access & Accounts (BSA)

Account Closure Process

Account Closures

AD Service Account Request

Add URL to Mason Allowlist

Admin Applications Request

Adobe Software Request

After Action Reports

Allowlist Request

Analog/Digital Voice Services

Application Support

Application Support

Application Support (BSA)

Architectural Standards Review Board

Architectural Standards Review Board

Authentication Services

Authorization to Store Highly Sensitive Data

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)



Banner - ePrint

Business Intelligence Services


Cable Television

Cellular Services

Certificate Request

Certificate Services

Chart of Accounts

Cisco Umbrella Allowlist Request

Cisco Umbrella Incident

Citrix Virtual Lab Issue

Class for Zoom

Classroom Support

Classroom: Software Install

Classroom: Support & Training

College of Public Health (COPH/CHHS)

Compliance Request

Computer Hardware Installation

Consultation Request

Crosswalk of the ITS Service Catalog

Crowdstrike Installation

CUI Add/Remove User

CUI Allowlist Violation

CUI Baseline Image Creation/Update

CUI Data Ingest Request

CUI Project Decommissioning

Custom Applications Development & Support

CVPA Technical Assistance


Data Center Colocation

Data Governance (Login Required)

Data Integration Services

Data Jack

Data Removal Request

Data Reporting & Analytics

Data Request

Data Storage

Database Requests

Departmental Shared Storage

Desktop Consultation

Desktop Software Installation

Device/Hardware Incident


Devices (BSA)

Display Name Change

Document Automation

Document Signing Consultation

DocuSign Services

Domain Name System Request


EAC Project Requests

EASD Dynamic Forms Related Requests

EASD Request for Service

Electronic Classroom Issue

Ellucian Workflow Request

Email Monitor for Certificate Renewal

Email Monitor for NSENG

Email Monitor for Virtual Events

Email Monitor Form erphelp

Email Monitor Service

Email Services

Endpoint Management Services

Endpoint Management Services

Endpoint Security Configuration

Enrollment Management Data Group Request

Equipment Request

Equipment Request (BSA)

Ethos Integration Account Request


Fiscal Services Intake

FS: Accounts Payable

FS: Automation Request

FS: Citizen Developer Membership

FS: Communications & Training

FS: eCommerce Issues

FS: Financial Reporting

FS: General Accounting

FS: International Tax

FS: Operations CoE

FS: Payroll

FS: Programs & Projects

FS: Purchasing

FS: Student Accounts

FS: Treasury


Gartner Research

Gartner Tech Portal Access Request

Generic Calendar

Generic Email

Generic Email - Modify

Generic Email - New Account Request

GMU Conference Bridge


Hardware Support Services

High Performance VM Request

Hosted Linux & Windows Servers

Human Resources Technology Services

Human Resources Technology Services Assistance

Human Resources Technology Services Information Requests


ICT Accessibility Assessment of Risk

Information & Help

Install Other Device (Move)

Install Phone (Move)

Install Windows/Mac Operating System


IPAM Account Request

IT Security Consultation

IT Security Consultation

IT Security Training

ITS Alert Request

ITSM Tool Management

ITSO Exceptions (Duo)


Jack Activation


Learning Management Systems

Learning Resources

Learning Space Design

Learning Space Design Assessment

Link Shortener


Live Chat Message


Mac OS Upgrade Assistance

Mark Communication Lines

Mason Data Request

Mason Korea Helpdesk

Mason Korea IT Support

Mason Managed Enrollment

Microsoft 365 Products & Apps

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Project Pro Install

MicroStrategy Report

Mobile Device Setup

Mobile Mason

MS Teams Softphone/Calling Plan

MyHub (AvePoint)

myMason New Organization

myMason: External Account Creation


NetID Name Change Request

Network Access

Network Cable Assessment

Network Consultation

Network Consultation

New Computer Quote

New Computer/Device Installation

New Splunk Log Sources

New Wiki (PB works Wiki)


OIEP IT Support Internal

On-Campus Computer Labs

Oracle Report Issue

Outage Report


Password Management

Patriot Virtual Computing Access Request

Patriot Virtual Computing Feature Request

Patriot Virtual Computing Incident

Patriot Web

Phone & Voicemail Services

Phone Pilot

Phone Removal

Poll Everywhere

Portfolio & Project Management Access

Portfolio and Project Management Access

Problem Management

Project Inventory (Project Request)


Qualtrics (

Qualtrics: Change Division Admin Request

Qualtrics: Move from Mason Remote to Enterprise

Qualtrics: New Division

Qualtrics: Non-Mason Qualtrics Move to GMU.Qualtrics

Qualtrics: Transfer User Between Divisions


Repair Computer

Report an IT Security Incident

Reprocess Rejected Surveys

Request Computer/Device Relocation Services

Request Computer/Device Relocation Services (Forced Move)

Request for Globus Access for CUI

Request for Standard RFC Classification (Prod)

Request Help

Request Service on Mason-owned Computer

Research Administration Management Portal (RAMP) System

Research Computing Consultation

Research Gateway


Safe Links & Safe Attachments

Salesforce Request

Salesforce Support

Security Incident

Server Account

Service Delivery Request

Software Information

Software Listing: .NET Framework

Software Listing: 7-Zip

Software Listing: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Software Listing: Adobe Creative Cloud

Software Listing: ArcGIS

Software Listing: Autodesk Education License Products

Software Listing: Camtasia

Software Listing: Capture (Kaltura)

Software Listing: Chrome

Software Listing: Cisco Secure Client

Software Listing: Citrix Workspace App

Software Listing: Deep Freeze

Software Listing: DocuSign

Software Listing: FileZilla (FileZilla Project)

Software Listing: Firefox

Software Listing: GIMP

Software Listing: Ink2Go

Software Listing: Insight (Faronics)

Software Listing: jGrasp

Software Listing: JMP Pro

Software Listing: LabStats Cloud Client

Software Listing: Lockdown Browser

Software Listing: Mathematica

Software Listing: Matlab

Software Listing: Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

Software Listing: Microsoft Teams

Software Listing: Notepad++

Software Listing: Poll Everywhere

Software Listing: PuTTY

Software Listing: Python

Software Listing: Qualtrics

Software Listing: R

Software Listing: R Studio

Software Listing: Respondus 4.0

Software Listing: SAS

Software Listing: Snagit

Software Listing: SPSS

Software Listing: STATA

Software Listing: Stellarium

Software Listing: Visual Studio Code

Software Listing: VLC Player

Software Listing: Zoom Meeting

Software Listing: Zotero

Splunk Account

Splunk Support

Surplus Request


Technical Assistance

Technical Business Solution Intake

Technical Business Solution Intake Request

Technology Investment Request

TechSmith Product License Consultation

Tool Support

Transfer Ticket From College of Visual & Performing Arts (CVPA)

Transfer Ticket From ITS Tickets

Transferred Ticket


ULDEI Service Request

University Life Service Request

University Registrar Data Request



Virtual Computing Services

VITA Conference Bridge

VM Resource Request

Voice Mail Message

Voice Services

Vonage Contact Center (VCC)


Walk-In Support Request

Web Applications

Web Applications Development & Support

Web Hosting & Support

Web Services

Webconferencing Tools & Support

Wireless Collaboration Device Configuration



Zoom Conferencing

Zoom Email Monitor